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Builders in Derby

Where can I get some building work done in Derby?

MTD Brickwork Ltd, builders in Derby, has been in the building industry for over fifteen years. During this period, we have provided skilled and dependable building services to consumers throughout Derbyshire and the neighboring areas.

As builders, we understand how difficult it is to locate a dependable function. MTD Brickwork Ltd is a well-known Derbyshire builders with a lot of expertise. All areas of brickwork, including new construction, footings, expansions, garden walls, and re-pointing, are covered by our expertise.

We take pleasure in continually offering professional, compassionate, and high-quality services that meet our clients’ demands.

If you need to hire some builders to do some work on your Derby home, you have come to the right place. Call us today for more details and to discuss what you need; we can provide you with a free quote. Call us on 01332 949715 or send us an email at Alternatively, you can complete an online form here and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

What home improvements can builders in Derby do?

At MTD Brickworks Ltd, we offer a number of services such as home extensions, loft conversions, patios, stonework, brickwork, driveways, brickwork pointing, garden walls and general home improvements.

We recognise that your consumers demand dependable tradesmen who arrive on time and carry out work of high quality; as a consequence, we thoroughly screen everyone who works with us to guarantee that we are representing ourselves and our customers with a reliable individual.

We work long days. It’s that simple: if you need us on-site, our builders will show up; if you need our builders to work late, we’ll work late. We understand that every bricklaying work is different, and you may need a customised solution at times.

Our dependability and consistency are well-known. We have a 5-star rating because we are a skilled and trustworthy team of bricklayers and brickwork specialists contractors.

Brickwork – No brickwork job is too small, we can provide you with many options for bricklaying work as well as the materials in Derby.

Stonework – Our stonework services will transform your home into a magnificent piece of architecture, thanks to our 15 years of experience. We can help you create a house that is worth looking at, whether you’re adding a few stone touches to your home or developing a whole project out of stone.

Home Extensions – Depending on the project, the cost of extensions may vary significantly. A typical addition project costs between £2,000 and £3,000 per square metre. The project cost depends on the sort of finishes and fixtures you choose in your new extension.  Before you begin building a house addition, you may require planning approval, but this is entirely dependent on the laws of your local government. Extensions of more than 6 metres normally require planning permission.  However, before we begin construction on any expansion, you must first secure formal planning clearance.  You will almost always require an architect to generate plans for your expansion unless you are technically inclined. Extension professionals must make plans to ensure that we are aware of the tasks that must be completed and in what order. To finish this job, you’ll need to take in the price of hiring a professional architect.

Brickwork Pointing – When considering whether or not your house’s brickwork need repointing, keep the following in mind: You may need some brickwork pointing if you see fractures in the mortar, gaps between the mortar and the masonry, loose constructions, damp regions on the masonry, or water penetration on the interior walls/damp patches.

Driveways – Whether it’s a little, single-space parking lot or a broad driveway for the whole family, we can help you create an entry area that will be remembered.  We have a 5-star rating because we give great service, just check our customer reviews on our website.  We can assist you with the installation of a long-lasting driveway. Block paving driveways, concrete driveways, and grass and garden drives are all available.

Garden Walls – Let MTD Brickwork builders handle the hard work for you, no matter how big or little your garden wall project is. Our builders can help you design and build a wall that meets your needs, whether it’s to add some much-needed seclusion to your yard or to protect your car from the weather. A simple dividing wall may be used to secure bedding plants or divide your garden into several zones.

Patios – The Indian Sandstone patio has become a popular choice for patio finishes as the popularity of putting an Indian sandstone patio in our gardens has grown. To customise the style of your patio, you may pick from a variety of treatments, ranging from an unpolished appearance to a high polish finish, using Indian Sandstone. Indian Sandstone has become a popular choice for individuals wishing to create a patio in Derbyshire.

Garden Improvements – Keep MTD in mind when planning your next little or large garden project; for the past 15 years, we’ve been assisting clients across the Midlands in creating beautiful and calm garden surroundings. For our small team of committed specialists, no job is too little.

Indoor Improvements – Please consider contacting MTD for help with certain inside house modifications. Whether you wish to divide a room into two or totally renovate the second story of your house, we can help you achieve your goals and provide the best available advise.

Outdoor Improvements – Outdoor house upgrades can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never worked on them before; here is where we can help. With over 15 years of experience and a desire to satisfy, MTD Brickwork takes the stress out of home alterations so you can relax and enjoy your space.

How much do builders charge for work on my property in Derby?

As stated above, a typical new extension to a house in Derby will cost you between £2,000 and £3,000 per square metre but not everyone wants the same thing. The difficulty of the extension, as well as the time it takes and the materials used, will affect the price. It’s difficult for our builders to give you an exact quote for building work without speaking to you first to find out your needs.  We offer a free no-obligation quote service to all of our customers so you know exactly what you are paying without any surprises. Building work can also be affected by the weather. For example, if you request garden conversions or outdoor work, the projects may take a little longer.

Aside from the expense, one of the main concerns many people have when considering a home addition is how it would affect their daily life.  Construction time should be roughly three to four months for a pretty basic three-metre single rear expansion. It might take the builders up to six months for a bigger or double-height back addition. This does not account for the project’s design and planning phases, which will vary depending on whether you need to apply for planning or other permits. From selecting your architect to completion, a year is a reasonable period for most house expansions (where planning approval and sometimes a party wall agreement are required).

Loft conversions, for example, will take around 6 weeks for the builders to complete.

It’s usually feasible to stay in your home while renovating or expanding, especially if the work is limited to one area. Before construction begins, you and your builder should devise a strategy for keeping the elements out and the rest of your home dust-free during the work. It may also require some preparation to ensure that you have access to all of the necessary utilities. If you’re having your old kitchen ripped out, for example, you may have a temporary kitchenette built in another area of your home. This might be a more cost-effective option than renting elsewhere.