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Garden wall construction in Derbyshire

We build garden walls.

No JOb Too Small

No matter how big or how small your garden wall project may be, let us here at MTD brickwork do the hard work for you. Giving your garden some much-needed privacy or keeping your car contained from the elements, we can help design and construct a wall that suits your needs.

You may also be looking for a smaller dividing wall, to offer protection for bedding plants and or just to separate your garden into different areas.

No matter what type of wall you are looking for MTD brickwork are here to support you in your garden design and construction goals.

Garden Walls | FAQs

Your typically do not need planning permission when building a dividing garden wall, however, if you are building a privacy wall, you may need permission to build at height, please be sure to contact your local authority for clarity surrounding planning permissions needed.

Yes! We can supply all materials and labour, if you would prefer a price without materials please make sure you tell us this when we come to give your a quote.

Adding a privacy wall to your garden can increase security and prevent peering eyes through gaps in fences. A privacy wall is around 8ft tall and provides shade, privacy and security to either your front or back garden.

As Derbyshire Garden wall builders, we are passionate about helping you to create a space where you can relax, splitting your garden off into different areas can help adjust your focus giving you a more defined way of sectioning your garden.

Whether you want to split off the garden into living and children or growing and planting, then we can support you in doing so. A dividing wall, can help section off your garden without compromising sunlight.

Often, especially in newer built houses, they have sloping gardens or garden split over different levels.

A retaining wall can help in making a split level or sloped garden feel like one single space again, people across Derbyshire have relied on us as their garden wall builders. The retaining wall will help in keeping all hardcore and soil up away from lower parts and prevent landslips when the ground becomes too wet.

Why build a wall?

Building a garden wall on the front of your home gives your home a permanent, solid and attractive addition to your home. When building a wall at the rear of your property, you may do this to prevent breaking, or provide a solid backing for your plans to grow with.

For the last 15 years, we have been Derbyshire’s top choice when it comes to building garden walls.

Shall we build a wall?

Speak to a member of our knowledgeable team about how we can support you in building a wall for your gardens.