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Looking for Bricklayers Nottingham? For bricklayer services in Nottingham, come to MTD Brickwork Ltd

Bricklayers Nottingham

How much do bricklayers charge for jobs in Nottingham?

If you have a task that requires the services of bricklayers in Nottingham, you’ll want to know how much it costs so you can budget accordingly for your building work.

How much does it cost to hire bricklayers? The typical cost of brick layers Nottingham per day is between £150 and £200. The actual fee the bricklayers will charge you will be determined by a variety of factors.

Bricklayers frequently collaborate with labourers to finish large jobs. A day’s wage for a labourer is typically between £70 and £100.

Factors impacting the cost of bricklayers Nottingham – There are a lot of elements that influence the rate you’ll be charged when determining how much to pay a bricklayer. They include the type of brickwork used, the project’s size, the job’s intricacy, the amount and quality of materials and bricks used, prep work needed, and if scaffolding or other specialised equipment is necessary.

Before employing anyone to carry out bricklaying work, or any other tradesperson for that matter, we always recommend getting a full quote. You want to be sure you understand exactly what you’re being paid for, how much it costs, and whether there are any hidden fees.

To request a quote to hire brick layers in Nottingham, simply call us now on 01332 949715 or send email us at Alternatively, you can send us a message by completing an online form here to get us to call you back.

How much bricklaying or a bricklayer charge per 1000 bricks UK?

For bricklaying jobs, you’ll need a supply of appropriate bricks for the bricklaying specialist to work with. For the provision of materials, you’ll frequently be given a price per 1,000 bricks. Here are some examples of typical expenses per 1,000 bricks in the United Kingdom:

– £600-£800 for a standard machine-made brick
– Handmade bricks range in price from £900 to £1,200
– £700-£900 for a clay facing brick
– £500-£700 for an engineering brick (Class A or B)

The cost of bricks will be determined by the total number of bricks required for the work and the type of bricks used on the job. Before beginning a project, it’s usually a good idea to discuss the expenses and quantities in detail so that you know precisely what you’re getting into.

Any professional local bricklayer will gladly provide you with a price for the work, which will include a breakdown of labour and material expenses. If you’re unsure, ask inquiries to find out exactly what you’re being charged for and how much it costs to complete the job.

Get a free quote for the bricklaying on your building job with MTD Brickwork Ltd

For almost fifteen years, MTD Brickwork Ltd has been working with brickwork in Nottingham. We have supplied competent and trustworthy building services to customers throughout Derbyshire and the surrounding areas during this time.

We know how tough it is to find reliable bricklayers Nottingham. MTD Brickwork Ltd has a wealth of experience and is considered as one of Nottingham’s best builders. Our experience encompasses all aspects of brickwork, including new construction, footings, extensions, garden walls, and re-pointing.

Providing competent, caring, and high-quality service that consistently fulfils our customers’ needs.

People who have worked with us rate us 5 out of 5 stars, and local councils in the area have recognised us for our great quality of work and attention to detail as builders, bricklayers, and driveway specialists in the region.

Bricklaying and brickwork, stonework, house extensions, brickwork pointing, driveways, garden walls, patios, wet rooms plumbing, and home upgrades are all services provided by MTD Brickwork Ltd.

If you require any of these services, contact MTD Brickwork Ltd. For your free quote call us on 01332 949715, email us at, or complete the online form here to get a callback.

What bricklayers do

Bricklaying work is done by laying various types of bricks and tiles to build and maintain constructions, walls, chimneys, pathways, and foundations. He works on projects that are either residential, commercial, or industrial. He usually works with a group of construction workers, although he may sometimes work alone.

Although a bricklayer used to solely deal with conventional bricks and concrete cinder blocks, as technology evolved, construction work materials grew more diversified. Structural tiles, marble chunks, and terracotta blocks are also used by today’s bricklayers. Mortar, which has been employed as a binder for centuries, is still the most frequent material used to bond these materials.

A bricklayer normally starts a project by measuring and marking the area where the construction work will take place under the direction of a general contractor or masonry contractor. He then estimates the amount of supplies required, which often simply includes the chosen construction material and mortar. The construction process begins after the materials and tools are in place.

Bricklayers are very accurate and it takes them years to master their trade. To be sturdy, the link between the blocks or bricks that is secured by the mortar must be uniform from top to bottom and side to side. It is also required to be attractive visually.

The mortar must have the required viscosity in order for the brick layers to adhere correctly. It also needs the right quantity of moisture to avoid becoming too thick to work with throughout the building process. When subjected to weight or external conditions, the building will collapse if the consistency is not correct.

A bricklayer’s other work is to guarantee that the bricks or blocks are all the same size. While factory-made materials are usually consistent on both sides, rescued bricks are sometimes uneven due to their historical value or worn look. In these circumstances, the bricklayer is usually necessary to shape and carve the bricks to match the others using a trowel, chisel, brick cutter, or a combination of these tools.

The bricklayer completes each layer of his work by smoothing the mortar in between the layers of brick with the pointed tip of his trowel as the job develops. To smooth and provide a glassy sheen on the connecting mortar layers, a piece of copper tubing is also regularly used. Before the job is declared finished, any stray fragments of mortar or brick chips are removed from the surface.

What MTD Brickwork can do for your home improvement job

As bricklayers in Nottingham, we understand what our customers in Nottingham want. We have a variety of bricklaying jobs to help you find your dream home:

Stonework Services – With our 15 years of experience, we will convert your home into an exceptional piece of architecture. Whether you’re adding a few stone accents to your home or creating a whole project out of stone, we can help you build a home that’s worth looking at.

Extensions – Extensions can vary widely depending on the project. An extension typically costs £2,000 to £3,000 per square metre. The type of finishes and fittings you desire in your new addition will impact the cost. Please keep in mind that an addition may require planning authorization.

Brickwork Pointing – When deciding whether or not your house’s brickwork requires repointing, look for visible cracks in the mortar, gaps between the mortar and the masonry, loose structures, moist surfaces on the masonry, and water penetration on the interior walls displaying damp patches.

Driveways – Whether you desire a little, single-space parking lot or a huge driveway for the complete family, we can help you design a memorable entryway.  We provide exceptional service, earning us a 5-star rating. We can help you design a driveway that will last for years using block paving driveways, concrete driveways, grass and garden drives.

Garden Walls – Leave the hard work to MTD Brickwork, no matter how big or little your garden wall project is. We can assist you in designing and constructing a wall that matches your needs, whether it’s to provide your yard some much-needed privacy or to protect your vehicle from the elements. A modest dividing wall could be useful for securing bedding plants or dividing your garden into several zones.

Patios – With the increasing popularity of installing an Indian sandstone patio in our gardens, this type of patio has become a popular choice for patio finishes.  With Indian Sandstone, you may choose from a range of treatments, ranging from an unpolished appearance to a high polish finish, to customise the aesthetic of your patio. For those looking to build a patio in Nottingham, Indian Sandstone has become a popular choice.

Gardens – When contemplating the next small or major efforts for your garden, we have been aiding clients across the midlands in creating beautiful and peaceful garden settings. No task is too little for our small group of dedicated professionals.

Outdoor Home Improvement Services – Making improvements to your home outside might be scary, especially if you’ve never worked in a trade before; here is where we can assist.

Indoor House Improvement Services – If you want to make some internal changes to your home, MTD can assist you. We can help you realise your goals and give the finest possible advice, whether you want to divide a room into two or completely refurbish the second level of your home.

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